Product description

The Micacoco Jewelry Brand

We are a fashion jewelry retailer. Products currently include necklaces and bracelets, and will be expanding in the future into rings, earrings and more. The materials we used in our jewelry include a variety of things from precious metals, stainless steel, leather, wood, resin. In the future, there will be more exotic materials such as tungsten, titanium, carbon fiber, etc.


Our current product lines include:

1) Metallic Xpression - personalizable necklaces (and in the future, bracelets) where the customer can design their own laser engraving using our online software on the website.

2) Wood Resin collection - Consists of various designs within resin connected to the main wood necklace structure

3) Chain bracelets - Customizable design chain bracelets

4) Minimal leather bracelets - bracelets with metal and leather

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